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Are Inmate Records Public in McCracken County, Kentucky?

Yes, inmate records are public in McCracken County, Kentucky. According to the Public Record Act, these records are considered public information and can be accessed by anyone who requests them. This means that members of the public have the right to obtain and review inmate records in McCracken County.

The Public Record Act ensures transparency and accountability in government operations by granting individuals the right to access certain government records. Inmate records fall under the scope of this act, allowing the public to access information about individuals who are incarcerated in McCracken County.

How to Find Inmate Records in McCracken County, Kentucky in 2024

To obtain inmate records in McCracken County, Kentucky, you can start by visiting the official website of the McCracken County Jail. The website provides an online inmate list that can be accessed by the public. The list contains information about inmates currently held in the county jail, including their names, booking dates, and charges.

Additionally, you can also visit the website of the McCracken County Sheriff's Office. While the sheriff's office website may not provide specific inmate records, it serves as a valuable resource for obtaining information about the county's law enforcement agencies and their operations.

It is important to note that the availability of online inmate records may vary, and it is recommended to contact the McCracken County Jail or the Sheriff's Office directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Correctional Facilities in McCracken County, Kentucky

In McCracken County, Kentucky, there are several correctional facilities that serve the community. These facilities play a crucial role in maintaining public safety and ensuring the proper incarceration of individuals who have been convicted of crimes.

Here are some of the correctional facilities located in McCracken County, Kentucky, along with their respective phone numbers and addresses:

  • McCracken County Jail: 400 South 7th Street, Paducah, KY 42003. Phone: (270) 444-4730.
  • McCracken County Juvenile Detention Center: 2025 County Park Road, Paducah, KY 42001. Phone: (270) 575-7030.

These correctional facilities work closely with law enforcement agencies and the judicial system to ensure the safe and secure confinement of inmates. They provide essential services and programs aimed at rehabilitation and reducing recidivism rates among inmates.

It is important to note that contacting the correctional facilities directly can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding inmate records and any specific inquiries you may have.

Lookup Inmate Records in McCracken County, Kentucky

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